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Heather & Rob

Nothing happens by accident. The currents of time and destiny carry us all to where we’re meant to be. That’s how it happened for us. We met through mutual Facebook friends in February 2012. We were instant friends, sharing a history of working in video production and photography. Over the next year and a half, we became best friends. We realized  that each of us was the missing piece to the other’s soul and fell head over heels in love.

Ours is a story of love and friendship that unfolded exactly the way destiny had intended. We’re like peas and carrots; one of those couples who truly and deeply enjoy being together. Neither of us can imagine their existence feeling complete without the other. We cherish that sense of wholeness that comes with finding your one and true soul mate, and love to see it in the couples and families we have the honor and privilege to photograph.

In the summer of 2014, we decided to join forces and create Clean Slate Digital Media, a video production and photography studio. During the week, we film meetings and conferences. But on the weekends, under Clean Slate Wedding Photography by Heather & Rob, we indulge in our truest and first passion; capturing and preserving moments of life, love and joy.

On November 26, 2016, we became husband and wife in Evergreen, Colorado. It was a small ceremony; just us, the officiant, Heather’s best friend from childhood, and our photographer. And a family of mule deer that wandered around during the vows. It was a picture perfect setting as we devoted our hearts and souls to each other. At long last, we were able to feel that sense of fulfillment we’ve been witness to so many times when we finally heard those words, “Heather and Rob, you are now husband and wife.”

We live in Eldersburg, Maryland. Between the two of us, we have six children between the ages of 10 and 20, two dogs, and two cats! Having a large family isn’t always easy, but we make the most of it and enjoy movie nights (2 hours to pick a movie no one can agree on), family meals (where there’s always one kid who doesn’t like what’s for dinner), watching them learn new skills (one of them recently started playing the recorder. Help…), and going for walks (seeing which kid makes it longer than five minutes without wifi). We take great comfort in the knowledge that someday, after molding these kids into fine, upstanding citizens, they’ll move out.

We’re huge fans of the TV shows “The Walking Dead”, “Preacher”, “The Good Place”, “People of Earth”, and “The Orville” just to name a few. We generally enjoy sci-fi movies; we both absolutely LOVE the Christmas movies “Elf” and “A Christmas Story” and look forward to their marathons every year. We found in each other “…another human to share an affinity for elf culture…” and have been singing loud for all to hear ever since.

We love costume parties and Rob has been obsessed with dinosaurs forever. He has one of those inflatable T-rex suits and enjoys wearing it at odd times. In public. Heather knows about this and married him anyway. No takesy backsies. She is stuck with him forever.

As our wedding photography business continues to grow, we hope that the passion and commitment we have for each other and our work shines bright for all to see. We think it does – the relationships we have fostered with our growing family of wedding clients has taught us that the world is full of wonderful and loving people to whom we have an incredible gift to offer; our ability to see life’s moments from a unique perspective and preserve them for generations to come.


Loves getting the detail shots, shooting in natural light and bokeh!
Canon 5D Mark III
Favorite Lenses
Canon 100-400mm
Canon 24-105mm

Heather is a member of Fearless Photographers! Check out her profile here!


Loves the big grandiose shots, working with off-camera lighting to create a new reality.
Canon 5D Mark III
Favorite Lenses
Canon 85mm (it changed my life)
Canon 28mm

Rob is also a member of Fearless Photographers! Check out his profile here!