50% Off Engagement Portraits!

See our Special Offers & Discounts below for details!

We offer photographs that you will love not just for their beauty, but for the beautiful way they capture your love.

Our photographs offer you skilled and reverent guardianship of your wedding day memories – captured with reverence for the love that makes you unique.

We are two people in love, each with their own unique artistry, who combine their talents and passion for photography to preserve your memories.

We love what we do and we think it shows. We’d love to do that for you.

We approach photography as an art that requires knowing not only a variety of styles, but knowing when to use them. We each then use our own artistic vision to capture the moment. A photograph can elicit an emotion in a person who sees it. As wedding photographers, the emotions we seek to evoke in the photographs we take for your wedding are love, happiness, nostalgia, and a host of other feelings that will make you smile. Make you laugh. Make you feel the love that defined your wedding day as if you were taken back in time and reliving it all over again.

Engagement portraits are the first part of our journey together. These are a great way for us to get to know each other and get comfortable working together!

Engagement portraits are included with every package we offer, but we also offer standalone sessions! Pets and your favorite animals are always welcome (horses like to nibble, though)!

On your wedding day, pre-wedding photos are essential to telling the whole story of your big day! We love to have at least an hour and a half to two hours to capture this part of the day.

Pre-wedding photos are a mixture of photo journalistic and some traditionally posed photos, especially when the location lends for great backdrops.

We also take photographs that make more stylized use of lighting, angles, and poses.

Ceremony photos are photo journalistic, followed by traditional family and bridal party portraits. Time permitting, modern portraits can also be done at the ceremony location.

We can also do portraits at the reception location and these can range from traditional or modern family and bridal party photos to candid group shots on the dance floor.

Photos of the toasts, cake cutting, garter & bouquet tosses, and other special reception events are always candid and unobtrusive.

Your first dance together is an amazing moment that deserves amazing photographs!

As the night continues, we capture everything in whatever style best embodies the moment.

We always love to take the newlyweds out for about 15 minutes to get some romantic posed photos using creative lighting techniques and a much more “fine art” style.

Our photography package includes a free engagement photo session and us as your photographers. You can also book us just for engagement photos. We don't farm out weddings or send others in our place. When you look at our galleries, you're looking at our work. When you book us for your wedding, you get us as your photographers. It's important that you like our work, but it's just as important you like us, which is why we always recommend a face to face meeting. We are going to be part of your life for one of its most important and memorable days, so it's important you like the people we are. We think you will, so take a look at the pricing below and send us a message. We're happy to meet with you or, if more convenient, have a Skype chat.

We're up front and transparent about our pricing. You don't have to call us, email us, fill out forms and give a DNA sample just to find out how much we charge. All of our pricing is outlined below. If you're looking for something you don't see here, then you can email us! We're happy to customize a package for you if you're looking for something different.

We offer a 10% discount for educators, nursing professionals, social workers, first responders, and all military personnel (does not apply to standalone engagement packages). We offer $200 off for November & December weddings, but right now we're offering even bigger price breaks for January and February (see the Discounts & Special Offers tab or our pricing page).

Wedding Photography

April - December Weddings
Includes an engagement session!
Facebook sneak peek
Edited Photos via Download & USB
10 Hours: $4,000
9 Hours: $3,700
8 Hours: $3,400
7 Hours: $3,100
6 Hours: $2,700
Check Availability!

Photo Albums

Beautiful custom albums designed from scratch! A perfect addition to any photo package!
A scratch-resistant glass cover and leatherette wrapped body
10×10 – $700
8×8 – $625
A sheen textured surface with a wrap-around photo cover
10×10 – $550
8×8 – $500
Learn More!

Engagement Portraits

Engagement sessions include a same-day Facebook sneak peek and a $200 credit towards any photo package!
8×11 engagement album
100+ edited photos
50+ edited photos
Book a Session!

Wedding Cinematography

Starting at $5,000 for 6 hours of wedding day coverage with both of us as your photographers for pre-wedding, ceremony, and reception coverage. Rob also takes care of filming the video portions. Add pre- and/or post-wedding interviews to make the most of this amazing opportunity to tell your love story!
The Storyteller combines our amazing photography services with cinematography to tell your story in a way that erases the line between still and moving pictures as distinct and separate services. As with our photography packages, a free engagement photo session is included and Heather & Rob will be your photographers. Rob will also handle the cinematography.
The Storyteller is best seen to be understood. It can be a production like no other, with interviews, behind the scenes footage, and so much more! Check out LAURA & STEVE'S STORYTELLER on YouTube to see the possibilities! Includes out-takes and so much more!
The average runtime for a Storyteller movie is about 20-30 minutes, not including bonus features. You receive your finished movie as a private YouTube gallery, on Blu-ray and DVD discs, and as MP4 video files on a USB drive.
Please note: We do not offer standalone cinematography for weddings. The Storyteller is only available as a photo-video package.
10 Hours: $7,900
9 Hours: $7,100
8 Hours: $6,400
7 Hours: $5,700
6 Hours: $5,000
Check Availability!

Will our photographers be Heather & Rob?

Yes. Our wedding photography component is just Heather & Rob. The photos you see on this website are ours, so are seeing the work of your actual photographers. When you meet us at a bridal show, you are talking to your actual photographers. We don’t farm work out and will never send someone else in our place unless there was a catastrophic emergency that prevented one or both of us from being there.

Can we just hire one of you?

No. We only shoot weddings as a team.

How far in advance should we book you?

As soon as you know you want us to be your photographers. We book dates on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we meet with a couple and they need some time to decide, we put a hold on their date for a few weeks, but communication is key. If we get an inquiry for a date that’s on hold, we will contact the couple it’s being held for, but if we don’t hear back within a day, we will meet with the second couple. We often book weddings 1-2 years in advance.

How much is your booking fee and what are the payment terms?

The standard booking fee on any photo or photo-video package is $500, payable only by check. The final payment is due two weeks prior to your wedding – we accept checks, bank transfers, and credit cards for final payments. We only accept credit cards over the phone for payments less than $500. Online payments are available via credit card and free bank transfer.

Do you require a shot list?

We always ask for a breakdown of groups to be photographed in the formal shots after the ceremony. This helps us get the photos you want as efficiently as possible. We also welcome ideas, Pinterest links, and suggestions if you’re looking for specific things. We always want to know what you want.

What’s your travel cost?

We allow for up to 60 minutes of travel between locations on your wedding day that won’t count against your coverage time. We always travel together to enable us to keep our costs to you down. For pre-wedding coverage, this means our focus is usually on the bride and her attendants; more often than not, pre-wedding photos of the groom are taken at the ceremony site. If pre-wedding at separate locations is requested and we need to take separate vehicles, additional fees apply. We do not divide up our coverage into separate time slots; that is, we do not have Heather cover from 1pm to 8pm while Rob covers from 3pm to 10pm.

For weddings more than 4 hours from the Baltimore area, we require a minimum 8-hour package be booked and we will take care of our hotel costs.

For destination weddings inside the continental United States, we offer a $5,000 package that includes 8 hours of wedding day coverage and an 8×8 albums.

If you’re planning a wedding outside the United States, please email us to set up a time to chat on the phone or in person.

Where would our engagement photos be taken?

We have a lot of places we love to shoot, but always give the bride and groom a say in where their engagement portraits are done. If there’s a place that’s important to you, we want to consider it! It’s also important to know what kind of backdrop you want; a cityscape, something woodsy, docks or a beach near the water, etc. The backdrop will set the mood for your photos, so it’s important to put some thought into where we take them.

How long does it take to get our photos?

We always post a sneak peek on social media within a day of your wedding (and/or engagement shoot, too!). Your final edited photos are delivered within 2-4 weeks, depending on the length of coverage and time of year.

Can other people take photos at our wedding?

We have no problem with guests taking photos, except during formal group photos because of the distraction factor. We need all eyes on our camera. Our contract does prohibit anyone from using wireless flash or studio lighting of any kind, except for photo booths. Anyone acting as a professional photographer taking photos for the purpose of building a portfolio is also forbidden by our contract. Other than that, as long as someone doesn’t interfere with us being able to do our job, no worries.

What rights do we have to our photos?

You have unlimited print rights, meaning you may print the photos without paying us any additional fees. You may not sell them or credit anyone else as having taken them. We retain intellectual ownership of the photos and the right to use them for advertising. If they’re submitted for non-paying publication of any kind, we must be credited. You can crop them for printing, though you may want to consult us about custom print sizes if you have a particular photo in mind that doesn’t conform to a standard print size. You may not edit them in any way other than cropping and you may not share them with any other company or vendor (see below) for use online or in advertising.

What if some of our other wedding vendors want to use your photos?

We have great relationships with other vendors and very often we will be asked by DJ’s, caterers, venues, and planners for our photos from a wedding we all worked on together for use on their website and/or social media channels. We are always happy to accommodate them, however we require that any and all photos used by other vendors and/or companies be provided by us and use only photos that have our watermark on them. This is to protect our intellectual property and ensure proper credit. If your other vendors wish to use our photos from your wedding, they can simply contact us directly and we’ll provide them with the photos they need.

Do we select the photos for our albums?

Our policy on albums has changed. Effective January 1, 2018: If you add a flush-mount album to your package, we select the photos. For an additional $350, you can select the photos yourself. This is to offset increases in album cost over time and keeping the photos on our active hard drive array. Usually, we archive all photos from a wedding to inactive storage devices after about 6 months. Otherwise, if an album is included in a package, we get started on it when the photos are finished, with the goal of delivering the album to you within 6 months of completing the edits on your photos. We provide a digital preview of your album for you to review and make one round of changes to if desired. Once approved, the album is submitted to our lab and delivered to us within 3-4 weeks. We quality-check every album that’s ordered, then ship it to you via UPS. We require a signature for all albums to ensure you receive it.

Do you require a meal?

No. A meal is appreciated, but not required. If you are providing a meal, please ask your caterer to feed us when you eat as it’s the only time we have during your reception to sit down. Otherwise, we’re always taking photos.

What if we want you to stay longer?

Just ask. We’re always happy to stay longer. We won’t ask for cash or a check on the spot. After all, we have your wedding photos! We’ll send you an invoice for the additional time afterwards, which is specified in the contract as $400 for each additional hour we stay.

Do you carry backup equipment?

Yes! Always! We always have additional still and video cameras with us as back up in addition to multiple flash heads, lenses and enough batteries to power a small city!

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have a complete business and equipment liability policy and are happy to have our agent provide a C.O.I. to your venue upon request.

What kind of cameras do you use?

We shoot on Canon 5D Mark III’s.

Engagement Special
We offer standalone engagement sessions and right now, they’re 50% off! Maybe you don’t have a date set? Maybe you’re getting married out of state and have a photographer already? Whatever the reason, we would LOVE to do your engagement portraits and if you do decide to book us later, we will credit $200 towards the package of your choice! Take advantage of this special, and you will get more than you spend! Our one-hour package is only $175 with this deal!  You need only book by March 31st; your engagement session will most likely be scheduled for after that date so we make best use of warmer weather!

Year Round Discount
We offer 10% off for educators, nurses, social workers, first-responders, and military personnel!

Winter Discounts
We offer $200 off for November and December weddings. For a limited time, we’re offering special pricing for Deep Winter Weddings (January & February).

Spring Discounts
We’re also offering, for a limited time, special pricing for Early Spring Weddings (March).

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Phone chats are always a great place to start, but we would love to sit down in person with you over coffee or in your home, wherever is most comfortable for you! You can click through the calendar on the left to see if your date is available or use the form below to send us a message. You can also email us directly via cleanslateweddingphotography@gmail.com and we will respond quickly! If you're curious about our current packages, check our Pricing Page!