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Our Philosophy

Mike's parents watching adoringly as he marries Emily.
Mike’s parents watching adoringly as he marries Emily.

Photography is the art of being able to see a moment through a lens, in a way the human eye can’t. It’s knowing how to control the mechanics of the camera itself, manipulate the optics of the lens, and combine them to capture a single moment in just 1/100th of a second.

That is a moment captured.

It’s knowing how to use either the existing (natural) light or artificial (flash) lighting, to contour the shadows, create a haloed silhouette with backlighting, or create a new reality with creative placement of several lights.

That is a moment captured.

Ruthie's bridesmaids do what needs to be done to get her bustled!
Ruthie’s bridesmaids do what needs to be done to get her bustled!

Moments of life on your wedding day. We can capture hundreds, sometimes thousands of them. The moments we capture are yours. Your love. Your joy. Capturing them is our love. Our joy.

Awwwww. It's US! This is how we do selfies! With backlighting!
Awwwww. It’s US! This is how we do selfies. With backlighting!

We truly love what we do. We love each other even more. We know that makes us very lucky in life. But we don’t take it for granted nor do we flaunt it, but it’s important to understand who we are and how we feel about what we do for a living. Different people feel very differently about their jobs. If you’re reading this, you’re considering hiring us to be your photographers. You’ve liked our photos, but like any wise person planning their wedding, you want to know who you’re hiring. And we don’t blame you. Professional wedding photography is no small investment, and it’s important that you like more than just our photos. You need to like us, too. And you probably will. The question to ask when considering us as your wedding photographers is simply this; how important are your wedding photos? How important is the preservation of those moments of life that will tell the story of your wedding day?

Rob shows Steve and his guys the now famous "Tums Catch" video.
Rob shows Steve and his guys the now famous “Tums Catch” video.

We work best with couples who place a lot of importance on their wedding photos; couples who truly value the art of photography and understand the impact that a photograph can have. If you’re looking for someone to ‘just take pictures’, then we are probably not the best choice. To us, you are more than just two people getting married and what we do is more than just ‘taking pictures’. The photographs we capture are edited into images that will endure for ages; they will serve as the foundation for your memories of the day you got married. The enormity of that responsibility is not lost on us, and the reverence with which we approach the task should not be lost on you.

We love date nights! This was at National Harbor seeing Kings of Leon!
We love date nights! This was at National Harbor seeing Kings of Leon.

It is an honor and a privilege to be chosen as your wedding photographers and in choosing us, you have at your disposal every last ounce of our devotion to the skill and artistry that we have mastered over years of doing what we do. Understanding just how devoted to our craft we are and how much we love doing it is key to your selection process, but perhaps even more important is the emphasis you place on your wedding photos. If your wedding photos are a big factor in the planning of your wedding – if one of your must haves for your wedding day is a photography team that will deliver amazing photos that take your breath away, then you are home. We are the right choice for you and we would absolutely love to be your wedding photographers. Take that first step and send us a message to see if your date is available!